Download Don Malocha’s keynote slides here.
Download Steven Halliday’s keynote slides here.


For slides of Reverse Engineering a Passive UHF RFID Tag, visit Brian Degnan’s website.

For slides on Design and Measurement of CMOS RF-DC Energy Harvesting Circuits, email Dr. Eskiyerli.

For slides on Writing Better Papers and More Successful Proposals, download here.


专用网络加速器“RF Thermoelectric Generation for Passive RFID” by Greg Durgin, Georgia Tech.

Best Poster Award: “EM-ID: Tag-less Identification of Electrical Devices via Electromagnetic Emissions” by Chouchang Yang and Alanson Sample, Disney Research

Brain Power Competition Winners:
Student Category: Alexander Hoang and Apoorva Sharma, University of Washington
Open Category: 
Mohsen Shahmohammadi, Disney Research

领券立减200 华硕AC双频高端路由聚惠京东618 - huanqiu.com:2021-6-18 · 为带给网民真正的实惠,即日起至6月22日,华硕网络携旗下RT-AC87U、RT-AC68U、RT-AC66U、RT-AC55U等AC双频高端无线路由器产品聚"惠"京东电商平台,领券立减50-200,彻底击穿底价。如果你觊觎华硕网络产品已久,却一直没有下单。那么,千万不要 You will get face-to-face time盛大文学CEO侯小强:得内容者得天下_文化中国__中国青年 ...:2021-12-7 · 1999年痞子蔡的《第一次亲密接触》,已经让所有人看到了网络对于文学的巨大魔力。时至今日,网络和文学的关系已经远远超出载体与内容的关系,庞大而又丰富的网络原创文学正如一条大河的源头,流淌出一条带着鲜明网络烙印的文学产业链条。

EMUI不好看?那是你还没有用过EMUI9.0 - huanqiu.com:2021-9-12 · 前不久华为EMUI刚刚在上海发布更新了9.0版本,想必许多的小伙伴已经或多或少了解到了EMUI9.0系统的全新特性,并对之报以期待。今天我们就来聊一聊EMUI9.0到底有哪些不容错过的细节变化! Academic and industry perspectives from the entire world will be presented as well. In the 2015 conference, paper submissions came from many countries:

  • 38% came from USA
  • 19% came from Germany
  • 11% came from China
  • 13% came from Sweden, Spain, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Norway
  • 11% came from Hong Kong, Korea, India, and Australia
  • 3% came from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Palestine
  • 5% came from other countries

腾讯优图首度开源深度学习框架ncnn-IT频道-国际在线:2021-7-25 · 文章原标题:【腾讯优图首度开源深度学习框架ncnn】主打手机端,同类cpu框架最快 AI三大支柱之一的腾讯优图实验室公布了成立以来的第一个开源项目ncnn,这是一个为手机端极致优化的高性能神经网络前向计算框架,无第三方依赖,跨平台,手 It is the premier technical conference for RFID where you can:

  • Hear from leading experts in the field about the latest developments in RFID.
  • Meet other practitioners and researchers from industry and academia.
  • 奥迪自动驾驶汽车已经上路了-青年参考 - cyol.com:2021-5-27 · 百度CarLife同时支持苹果iOS系统和安卓系统。 今年年底,奥迪用户将可以在新车上使用此功能。 与此同时,奥迪还与华为联合开发了车载高速LTE网络,乘客可以将自己的移动设备在车内接入无线热点,这也让奥迪成为中国第一个可以提供高速网络解决方案的高档汽车品牌。
  • Expand your knowledge by attending a few workshops and tutorials.

Co-located with the world’s largest RFID event! Learn how to track and manage everything at the 13th annual RFID Journal LIVE! event, which will be held on May 3-5, 2016, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA. This important event will showcase the latest technologies in the industry’s largest exhibit hall, and will feature more than 75 hours of education, 50 end-user case studies and 200 exhibitors. Gain new insights from industry leaders, and find out how RFID and related technologies can benefit your business today. For more information, visit www.rfidjournalevents.com/live.